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Where’s The Love??

Posted on Thursday, 20 October

Sitting next to a fire, sippin coffee, and rinsin’ some new tunes.

I had this thought that came to me and felt as though it were very important to share. I often get these “everyone should hear this” kind of ideas. And, as we move ever closer into a democratized musical world, I believe it is important to keep a few things in mind as a means to a more thoughtful end. 

At this moment (and for the rest of this message) I am speaking on both a listener as well as a producer.

What kind of music listener are you? A person who jumps on the train of hot blogs that helps filter through the ever flooding music market to the “best” material right away? Are you a digger? An underground scene-ster? An audiophile? The occasional “music is just music as long it has a fu**in beat”? Whoever you are I am sure that you could and should answer this next question honestly. What kind (more specifically) genre of music to you find yourself listening to and or downloading on a daily basis? I can almost guarantee that the vast majority of us are very genre-specific listeners. Moreover, we tend to further define our musical tastes (or preferences, have you) within that. 

The “hmmmmm” moment.

I am finding that as I talk with more and more people one thing becomes very evident. We are missing out on so much diversity. Beyond bass there is melody. Beyond organization and hard hitting there is disorganization and calm. Beyond the fast tempo there is the slow. As a human being finding balance is a hard thing. Even Benjamin Franklin ascertained that “Moderation” was one of his 13 “virtues”. 

What happens then? So what….

When we push our brains to associate practice and consistency with something like music we start to become geared only towards that certain genre we are consuming too much. What happens next (and this is the kicker) is we start ignoring other styles of sound, disregarding them, and start to believe that they are inferior or “suck”. You’ve got a bunch of dubstep heads (like myself a few years ago) that wouldn’t listen to anything else because it didn’t go hard enough. Or on the other hand, house music fans that absolutely revel in the practice of hating on dubstep because it’s “not music” or something of that nature. 

Where’s The Love?

I challenge you to move outside of your comfort zone. Honestly ask your friends (who have dissimilar music tastes) to have them give you a playlist of music foreign to your tastes. I can GUARANTEE you that you will find new inspiration, new emotional range, new found passion. This is NOT an “out with the old and in with the new” idea, but rather an “expand your mind” one. 

Final thoughts

The other music out there that you don’t give a chance to really listen to doesn’t suck. It is not without talent. (this is also a completely separate idea but it is not without talent that muthafu*** deadmau5 is as popular as he is…#justsayin). Spend some time gettin into some different stuff! Go dig through your local record store. Ask your friends. Ask your parents. Ask your co-workers. Go on pandora. Go on Find a new blog. Find a new style and just see what might be good with it!

Big Love!


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Dream On (GRiZ REmix) | GRiZ


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name: David Carls

label affiliations: Simplify Recordings

I’m fairly certain that my homie electro-house / dubstep / electro-dance producer DCarls out of Baltimore is gonna be something big. This kids skills at creating super dope glitchy catchy bass heavy tunes are par with some of those big kats names you have most likely heard (Feed Me, Skrillex, SebastiAn, The Twelves, etc.) I am vastly excited to hear each new song he posts on his soundcloud page. Most recently he has posted the first part of his first ever release with Simplify Recordings..

link:: (Flavor Rhythm EP)

Grab his EP and stay tuned because this kid has mad swagger and is More Than Note-Worthy!


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Yori van Gerven

Remember that guy Yori I was talkin about??? Well here is the XX-tra dope animated video sampler of his works from 2011 synced to the beat of my music! iLL-Type-Moves FTW!



Yori van Gerven - Animations

Posted on Monday, 27 June

Absolutely beautiful short and creative motion animations. Check this guy out he has some serious talent ! 

Also, he will be featuring a song of mine in his demo reel! Can’t wait to see how that turns out! 

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iLL Type Moves 320 kbps | GRiZ

This has to be my favorite song that I have every produced!!!!! FREE DL fer dayzz.. Enjoy this funky disco-step tune XD

More than noteworthy :: Illistrated

Posted on Wednesday, 22 June

Groovy beat music. Something to hang out and vibe to. His creation of the “beat a week” project is a refreshing take on music production for the up and comer with the added ambition of exploring the genre with massive skill. Check him out, follow him on sound cloud, or download his music for FREE! I’ll be keeping two ears out for Illistrated and you should too… more than noteworthy!

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